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Happy 70th, Bob

This Tuesday marks the seventieth birthday of one of the most important cultural icons in modern history.  Aside from being my favourite artist of all time (read this longer post I wrote about Dylan last year), Bob Dylan has built himself quite a legacy, and unlike some other folks who got their start in the … Continue reading

An unfortunate reality

Yesterday I was in the University of St Andrews Library and saw this Postgraduate Funding Guide: As you may notice, the cover of this booklet features what looks like an Ishihara Colour Test.  When I first saw the test I thought perhaps it could be some raillery, until a reliable source told me that there … Continue reading

UPDATE: Some thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden

Thank you to everyone who read and engaged with yesterday’s post, Some thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden, both directly through this blog and via Facebook.  I received many encouraging insights.  As I suspected, they just couldn’t help themselves… Some insightful comments from Facebook: Cris M. Thanks for this, Elijah.  Sadly, a lot … Continue reading

Some thoughts on the death of Osama bin Laden

This morning I woke up to a media frenzy.  Last Friday’s royal wedding lost its place in the headlines to the news that Osama bin Laden, founder and leader of the extremist organisation al-Qaeda, had been killed by American special forces in Pakistan (and American special forces operating in Pakistan is an issue in its … Continue reading

Happy Boofday, Karolina

This past week Karolina came up to visit Arleta and St Andrews from Exeter and during her visit she celebrated a birthday!  Given her recent fascination with this really sad Pomeranian dog called Boo, I decided it was only fitting to design her this birthday card: And here’s a slightly disturbing video of Boo in … Continue reading

Everything good (or bad) must have a beginning

After a few years of collaborative blogging I’ve decided to expand my horizons and start up a personal blog.  While I will continue to contribute to Lost in the Cloud I would like to have a space in which I can post things that are more personal and perhaps less profound (as if LITC is … Continue reading