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Happy 70th, Bob

This Tuesday marks the seventieth birthday of one of the most important cultural icons in modern history.  Aside from being my favourite artist of all time (read this longer post I wrote about Dylan last year), Bob Dylan has built himself quite a legacy, and unlike some other folks who got their start in the ’60s, he still writes good music.  I’d be lying if I wrote that Together Through Life holds a flame to The Times They Are a-Changin’ (and Dylan himself admits that there was a magic to his earlier material that he cannot replicate), but it’s still better music than most.

In honour of Dylan’s birthday, the Glasgow Film Theatre has been showcasing a series entitled ‘Dylan at the Movies‘.  To celebrate, LC and I will be attending Tuesday’s screening of D. A. Pennebaker’s 1967 documentary classic, ‘Dont Look Back[sic].

‘Dont Look Back’ features Dylan’s now-infamous tirade against TIME magazine correspondent Horace Judson.  For his antics, the A.V. Club recently listed Dylan as number three in a list of thirteen rock movies that ‘make their subjects look like dicks’.  I’m looking forward to watching it again.

Being that everyone seems to have something to say about Dylan, typically highlighting the enigma in a pretentious attempt to provide some unique insight into the man’s genius, I will let the man speak for himself (from 1966’s Tarantula):

yet, they coulda come & asked me
what i saw/ the doctors say i gotta tumor
coming up tho, so i got more important things
to do than to be bothered with straightening
out this whole mess . . . while youre down
there, see if you can get me murph the
surf’s autograph

bye for now
your lightingman


Happy birthday, Bob.  I hope you stick around for a while longer.


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My name is Elijah and I am a proud Angeleño-Glaswegian. I serve as Minister of Queen's Park Govanhill Parish Church. My other interests include life in active community, writing, performing and partaking of music, collecting vinyl records, hiking/outdoors, urban exploration, Celtic FC and the Detroit Tigers.



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